Adding a trendline to a graph

Trendlines show you the projected utilization of a device or component over a specified range of time. The following procedure is tailored to be performed on a CiscoUCS device. In order to add a trendline to a graph, the threshold that you want to use must already be created in the system.

To add a trendline to an existing graph:

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Devices, then select a CiscoUCS device.
    The selected device's overview page appears.
  2. From the Devices panel, select Components > Chassis, and then select a chassis from the Chassis list.
  3. Change the Display drop-down menu to Templates.
  4. To the right of Graph Definitions, click + to create a new graph.
  5. In the Add Graph Definition dialog, enter a name for the graph.
    Alternatively, click the name of an existing graph to add the trendline to that graph.
  6. Select the new graph, then from the gear icon, select Manage Graph Points.
    The Manage Graph Points dialog box appears.
  7. Click + > Threshold.
    Figure 95. Manage Graph Points Manage Graph Points
  8. Select the name of the new predictive threshold and click Submit.
  9. In the Manage Graph Points dialog, click Save.
  10. To view the trendline, change the Display drop-down menu to Graphs.
  11. Scroll down to the new (or existing graph) to view the newly added trendline.