Test existing process classes

The existing process classes may already capture the process sets you want. Follow these steps to test the existing process classes.
  1. Log in to the Resource Manager user interface.
  2. Navigate to Infrastructure > Processes.
  3. In the lower-left corner of the tree view, click the Action menu, and select Test All Process Classes Regular Expressions.
    Figure 77. Test all process classes dialog ../images/ProcMon_TestAll.png

    The top-right portion of the dialog box displays all of the process classes, in the order in which they are evaluated.

  4. Select the process names in the previous section, and copy them into a paste buffer.
  5. In the Test Process Class Regular Expressions dialog, select all of the existing text in the Input area, and then paste the process names from the buffer. Alternatively, you may paste the process names into an empty file, save the file on the system from which your browser is launched, and then use the Choose File button to insert the process names.
  6. At the bottom-left corner of the dialog, click Test.
  7. If any process sets are created, they are displayed in the list area, above the Test button.