Test a process class

Complete the previous section, and then follow these steps to test a single process class.
  1. In the lower-left corner of the tree view, click the Action menu, and select Test Process Class Regular Expressions.
    Figure 79. Test process class dialog ../images/ProcMon_TestOne.png

    The top-right portion of the dialog box displays the regular expression series that defines this process class.

  2. Select the process names in the previous section, and copy them into a paste buffer.
  3. In the Input area, select all of the existing text, and then paste the process names from the buffer.
  4. At the bottom-left corner of the dialog, click Test.
  5. The Output area displays each individual match, along with the count of unique process sets. You may refine the regular expressions and retest as often as you like.
  6. Click Done. Changes made to regular expressions in this dialog are copied to the process class definition page. However, the changes are not saved until you click the Save button on that page.