Monitoring processes

Resource Manager provides process availability monitoring for hosts that support SNMP or SSH access. Process monitoring features include:

  • Process classes, defined by Python regular expressions. Classes may generate one or more process sets, each containing one or more process instances.

  • Process sets may include process instances running on multiple hosts. This captures related or redundant processes, enabling a more wholistic view of data center services.

  • Process set names, to replace the often-cryptic names of process instances with descriptive labels.

  • Process set locking, to maintain continuity of data collection if the members of a given process set are not running during modeling.

  • A testing dialog, to discover and refine the sets a class generates.

Use the Processes page (Infrastructure > Processes) to create and manage process classes and process sets.

Figure 76. Processes page ../images/Processes_Page.png

The tree view shows process class organizers (at the top) and the list of process classes in each organizer (the rest of the view). You may filter the list with the active search field, at the top of the list.