Example: Creating a process class

This section provides an example of using process availability monitoring to create a new process class, for database processes. The database runs on a Linux host, and the following output is a partial list of the results of the ps axho args command on the database host. Process monitoring uses the output of that command (or its equivalent) as input for regular expression matching.

ora_pmon_orcl ora_psp0_orcl ora_vktm_orcl ora_gen0_orcl ora_diag_orcl ora_dbrm_orcl ora_dia0_orcl ora_mman_orcl ora_dbw0_orcl ora_lgwr_orcl ora_ckpt_orcl ora_smon_orcl ora_reco_orcl ora_mmon_orcl ora_mmnl_orcl ora_d000_orcl ora_s000_orcl ora_s001_orcl ora_s002_orcl ora_s003_orcl ora_s004_orcl ora_s005_orcl ora_s006_orcl ora_s007_orcl ora_s008_orcl ora_s009_orcl ora_p000_orcl ora_p001_orcl ora_p002_orcl ora_p003_orcl ora_p004_orcl ora_qmnc_orcl ora_n000_orcl ora_l000_orcl ora_l001_orcl ora_l002_orcl ora_l003_orcl

The following subsections provide procedures for creating a process class that captures a selection of the preceding process instances in process sets.