Changing Resource Manager to monitor devices remotely using SSH

You must edit system properties for the group where you want to collect remote information using SSH.
  1. Navigate to the device class path that you want to monitor remotely. You can apply this monitoring for a device or a device class path.
  2. Change the configuration properties value for the group. After selecting the device class, click Details, and then select Configuration Properties.
  3. On the Configuration Properties page, change the properties that are listed in the following table.
    The table includes sample values set up for remote devices. These have a pre-shared key (with no password) set up from the collector to the remote boxes. It also can use password authorization if the password is entered into zCommandPassword.
    Configuration properties Sample value
    zCollectorPlugins snmp|portscan
    zCommandPassword The SSH password for the remote machine.
    zCommandPath The path to
    zCommandUsername The SSH user name for the remote machine.
    zSnmpMonitorIgnore True
  4. Two passes are required for full modeling. The first pass obtains the platform type (so that the system knows which plugins to run). The second pass provides detailed data on interfaces and file systems.
    1. Log in to the Control Center host as a user with serviced CLI privileges.
    2. Attach to the zenmodeler service.
      serviced service attach zenmodeler
    3. Change to the zenoss user.
      su - zenoss
    4. Run the zenmodeler command.
      $ zenmodeler run -d DeviceName

      where DeviceName is the fully qualified device name.

    5. Run the zenmodeler command a second time to use the plugins the command gathered on the first pass.