ZenPop3 allows you to retrieve event email from a POP server. ZenPop3 supports these configuration directives:

  • --usessl- Issue the STARTTLS command to the POP server and attempt to transfer email messages using SSL encryption. This is required if retrieving mail from Google.

  • --nodelete- Do not issue the DELE command after retrieving all messages. Typically this is used during initial testing so that you do not have to resend test messages to the POP account. Some email systems (such as Google) do not actually delete messages when the DELE command is issued.

  • --pophost- The hostname or IP address of the POP server from which to retrieve messages.

  • --popport- The TCP port the POP server listens on. Defaults to 110. Used in situations where the POP provider listens on another port (for example, Google on port 995).

  • --popuser- The user name that contains email messages to retrieve.

  • --poppass- The password to use for the user name provided.

  • --cycletime- The time to sleep between polls. After all email is retrieved, ZenPop3 sleeps for this amount of time before waking up and attempting to pull new email.