Translating message elements to the event

Resource Manager translates various message elements to the event, as follows:

  • FROM Field- If the FROM field is an IP address, then the system associates the event with the device with the same IP address. If the FROM field is a fully qualified domain name, then the system resolves it to an IP address, and then performs the device association using the resolved IP address. The resolution of hostname uses "A" records rather than "MX" records.

  • TO Field- The system ignores the TO field in the email message. ZenMail accepts email to any user and domain name combination. ZenPop also drops the TO field, and uses only the FROM field.

  • SUBJECT Field- ZenMail and ZenPop use the SUBJECT as the event summary.

  • Message Body- ZenMail and ZenPop use the first mime attachment as the event details. The system ignores secondary message bodies (typically HTML-encoded versions of the message). It also ignores attachments (such as files).