Sorting and filtering events

You can sort and filter events by any column that appears in the master event console.

To sort events, click a column header. Clicking the header toggles between ascending and descending sort order. Alternatively, hover over a column header to display its control, and then select Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.

Filter options appear below each column header.

Figure 104. Event Console filter options ../images/event_console_filter.png

You can filter the events that appear in the list in several ways, depending on the field type. Date fields (such as First Seen and Last Seen) allow you to enter a value or use a date selection tool to limit the list. For other fields, such as Device, Component, and Event Class, enter a match value to limit the list.

The Count field allows you to filter the list when compared to a value. To search on count:

  • N- Displays events with a count equal to N.
  • :N- displays events with a count less than or equal to N.
  • M:N- Displays events with a count between M and N (inclusive).
  • M:- Displays events with a count greater than or equal to M.

To clear filters, select Configure > Clear filters.