Installing custom or additional MIB files

Before you install custom or additional MIB files,
  1. Log in to the Control Center master host as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  2. Copy any MIBs and their dependencies that you want to install into the /opt/serviced/var/volumes/<instance_id>/zenoss-var-ext/uploadedMIBs directory on the Control Center master host. Replace <instance_id> with the appropriate ID for your instance.
    After those files are copied to that directory, they are immediately available inside containers at /opt/zenoss/var/ext/uploadedMIBs with no restart needed.
  3. Execute the following command to install the MIB.
    Include --removemiddlezeros if MIBs use notification OIDs with embedded zeros. Include --path to specify an existing MIBs organizer in which to load the MIBs.
    serviced service run zope zenmib run -v10 \
    /opt/zenoss/var/ext/uploadedMIBs/<mib_filename> \
    --path=/<mibs_organizer> --removemiddlezeros \