Providing network or IP address range for device discovery

Provide network or IP address range information so that Resource Manager can discover your devices.
  1. From the navigation menu, select INFRASTRUCTURE. The Devices page appears.
  2. Click the Add Devices icon and, from the drop-down list, choose Discover Networks. The Network Discovery page appears.
    Figure 44. Network Discovery
  3. For each network or IP range in which you want the system to discover devices, enter an address or range. For example, enter a network address in CIDR notation or a range of IP addresses
  4. For each network or IP range, specify the Windows, SSH, or SNMP credentials that you want Resource Manager to use on the devices that it discovers, and then click Discover.
    You can enter only one of each. Resource Manager attempts to use the same credentials on each device that it discovers in the specified networks or IP ranges.

    Resource Manager uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit key size to encrypt all passwords, and stores them in the Zope object database.