Add VMware vSphere endpoint

Follow these steps to add a vSphere endpoint:
  1. From the Navigation menu, select Infrastructure. The Devices page appears.
  2. From the Add Devices icon , select Add VMware vSphere Endpoint. The Add VMware vSphere Endpoint page appears with the Add Single Device tab selected.
    Figure 48. Add VMware vSphere Endpoint - single device


  3. If you want to just add a single device, complete the dialog with the appropriate information, then click Add.
  4. If you want to add multiple devices at once, click the Add Multiple Devices tab.
    Figure 49. Add VMware vSphere Endpoint - multiple devices


  5. Fill out the information in the row for a device and click Add. A new row appears and you can add another device. When you are finished be sure to click the Add button at the bottom of the dialog to add all of your devices.