Rebuilding the events index

If you encounter inconsistent search results, you can rebuild the events index.

  1. Log in to an account on the Control Center master host that has permission to use the Control Center command-line interface.
  2. Stop zeneventserver:
    serviced service stop zeneventserver
  3. Delete the index data:
    export SERVICE_ID=$(serviced service status Zenoss.resmgr | sed -n '2p' | awk {'print $2'})
    export SVCROOT=/opt/serviced/var/volumes/$SERVICE_ID
    rm -rf $SVCROOT/zeneventserver/index
  4. Start zeneventserver:
    serviced service start zeneventserver
    Depending on the number of events in the database, it may take a significant amount of time for indexing to complete. Until every event is indexed, the number of events shown in the event console may be inconsistent.