Changing events database connection information

To edit events database connection settings, make changes in the zeneventserver.conf file. You can edit the file directly, or run a configuration script.

Configurable database connection settings are:

  • JDBC Hostname (zep.jdbc.hostname) - Specify the IP address of the host.
  • JDBC Port (zep.jdbc.port) - Specify the port to use when accessing the events database.
  • JDBC Database Name (zep.jdbc.dbname) - Specify the database name.
  • JDBC Username (zep.jdbc.username) - Specify the user name for the database.
  • JDBC Password (zep.jdbc.password)- Specify the password for the database.

To edit these values, run the zeneventserver configuration script, as follows:

zeneventserver-config -u zep.jdbc.Name=Value

Where Name is the partial setting name and Value is the value you want to specify for the setting.