Disabling the Resource Manager HBase cluster

This procedure disables the HBase cluster that is included in the Resource Manager application.
  1. Log in to the Control Center master host as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  2. Stop the Resource Manager HBase cluster.
    serviced service stop HBase
  3. Disable automatic start of the HBase services.
    1. Change the configuration of each service.
      for svc in hmaster regionserver zookeeper
         serviced service list $svc | \
         sed -e 's/"Launch": "auto"/"Launch": "manual"/' | \
         serviced service edit $svc
      The serviced command displays the new configuration after each edit.
    2. Verify that each service is set to manual start.
      for svc in hmaster regionserver zookeeper
         serviced service list $svc | egrep '"Launch":' 
  4. Remove the OpenTSDB prerequisite for the Resource Manager HBase cluster.
    Depending on your version of Control Center, the OpenTSDB service is either opentsdb or two separate services, reader and writer.
    1. Edit opentsdb, or one of reader or writer.
      serviced service edit reader
      The serviced command opens the service's configuration in the default text editor.
    2. Locate the Prereqs section, and then remove everything between the left square bracket ([) and the right square bracket (]) characters.
      The following lines show an example Prereqs section:
      "Prereqs": [
          "Name": "HBase Regionservers up",
          "Script": "{{with $rss := (child (child (parent) \"HBase\")).Instances }}"
      After editing, the section should look like the following example:
      "Prereqs": [],
    3. Save the file, and then exit the text editor.
    4. If your version of Resource Manager includes two OpenTSDB services (reader and writer) repeat the preceding substeps for the other service.