Installing Quilt without internet access

To perform this procedure, you need superuser privileges on the Control Center master host and the Quilt package file. This procedure includes steps for downloading the package to a client system, and then copying it to the Control Center master host.
Use this procedure to add the Quilt patch management system to Resource Manager.
  1. On a client system, use a web browser to download the latest version of the Quilt package.
  2. Log in to the Control Center master host.
  3. Prepare the package for installation.
    1. On the Control Center master host, create a directory for the package, and then change directory.
      mkdir /tmp/quilt && cd /tmp/quilt
    2. Copy the package to the temporary location.
      You may use a file transfer utility such as WinSCP.
    3. Update the access permissions of the file and directory.
      chmod -R 777 /tmp/quilt
  4. Start a shell as the zenoss user in a Zope container.
    1. Change directory to the location of the Quilt package file.
      cd /tmp/quilt
    2. Start an interactive shell in a Zope container and save a snapshot named InstallQuilt.
      serviced service shell -i -s $mySnap zope bash
    3. Switch user to zenoss.
      su - zenoss
  5. Extract the package files, and then compile and install Quilt.
    1. Extract the package files.
      tar xzvf /mnt/pwd/quilt-*.tar.gz -C /tmp
    2. Compile and install the package.
      cd /tmp/quilt-* && ./configure --prefix=/opt/zenoss/var/ext \
        && make && make install
  6. Exit the container.
    1. Exit the zenoss shell.
    2. Exit the Zope container.
  7. Commit the named snapshot.
    serviced snapshot commit $mySnap