Updating delegate hosts

The default configuration of delegate hosts sets the value of the SERVICED_ZK variable to the master host only. Use this procedure to update the setting to include all of the hosts in the ZooKeeper ensemble. Perform this procedure on each delegate host that is not an ensemble node.
  1. Log in to the delegate host as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  2. Define the IP address variables for each node in the ZooKeeper ensemble.
    Replace Master with the IP address or hostname of the Control Center master host, and replace Delegate-A and Delegate-B with the IP addresses or hostnames of the delegate hosts to include in the ensemble:
  3. Remove the existing definition of the SERVICED_ZK variable, which specifies only the Control Center master host.
    sed -i.bak '/SERVICED_ZK=/d' /etc/default/serviced
  4. Specify the nodes in the ZooKeeper ensemble.
    You can copy the following text and paste it in your console:
    echo "SERVICED_ZK=${node1}:2181,${node2}:2181,${node3}:2181" \
      >> /etc/default/serviced
  5. Verify the setting.
    grep -E '^\b*SERVICED_ZK' /etc/default/serviced
    The following example shows the environment variable for a delegate host that is not a node in the ZooKeeper ensemble:
  6. Restart Control Center.
    systemctl restart serviced