Configuring NTP for public time servers

This procedure uses the default configuration of NTP to synchronize system clocks with public time servers. If all Control Center hosts can access the internet, repeat this procedure on each host, starting with the Control Center master host.
  1. Gain access to the Control Center host, through the console interface of your hypervisor, or through a remote shell utility such as PuTTY.
  2. Start a command-line session as root.
    1. In the Appliance Administration menu, select Root Shell.
    2. Select Run, and then press Enter.
    The menu is replaced by a command prompt similar to the following example:
    [root@hostname ~]#
  3. Stop Control Center.
    systemctl stop serviced
  4. Synchronize the system clock, and then enable and start the NTP service.
    1. Set the system time.
      ntpd -gq
    2. Enable and start the ntpd service.
      systemctl enable ntpd && systemctl start ntpd
  5. Start Control Center.
    systemctl start serviced