Deploying Resource Manager

Use this procedure to add the Resource Manager application to Control Center and tag application images in the local registry.
  1. Log in to the Control Center master host as a user with serviced CLI privileges.
  2. Add the Resource Manager application template to Control Center.
    serviced template add /opt/serviced/templates/zenoss*.json
    On success, the serviced command returns the template ID.
  3. Identify the resource pool to which the host belongs.
    serviced host list
  4. Deploy the application.
    • Replace Template-ID with the identifier Resource Manager template
    • Replace Pool with the name of the resource pool to which the master host belongs (single-host system) or to which the delegate hosts belong (multi-host system)
    • Replace Deployment-ID with a name for this deployment (for example, Test or Production)
    serviced template deploy Template-ID Pool Deployment-ID
    Control Center tags Resource Manager images in the local registry.
  • If you are creating a single-host deployment, proceed to the Zenoss Resource Manager Configuration Guide.
  • If you are creating a multi-host deployment, proceed to the next chapter.