Introduction to Control Center

Control Center is an open-source application service orchestrator based on Docker Community Edition (Docker CE, or just Docker).

Control Center can manage any Docker application, from a simple web application to a multi-tiered stateful application stack. Control Center is based on a service-oriented architecture, which enables applications to run as a set of distributed services spanning hosts, datacenters, and geographic regions.

Control Center relies on declarations of application requirements to integrate Docker containers. A service definition template contains the specifications of application services in JSON format. The definition of each service includes the IDs of the Docker images needed to run the service.

Control Center includes the following key features:

  • Intuitive HTML5 interface for deploying and managing applications
  • Integrated backup and restore, and incremental snapshots and rollbacks
  • Centralized logging through Logstash and Elasticsearch
  • Integration with database services and other persistent services
  • Encrypted communications among all services and containers
  • Delegate host authentication to prevent unauthorized system access
  • Storage monitoring and emergency shutdown of services to minimize the risk of data corruption
  • Rolling restart of services to reduce downtime of multi-instance services
  • Audit logging, including application audit logging