Introduction to Zenoss Service Dynamics

The foundation of the Zenoss Service Dynamics product suite is Zenoss Resource Manager, the hybrid IT monitoring platform. Starting with release 5.0, Zenoss Resource Manager (or simply, Resource Manager) is deployed into a distributed architecture using Control Center. That is, Resource Manager is an application whose installation and deployment configuration is managed by Control Center.

Control Center and Resource Manager are independent and unaware of each other, although Control Center is designed for the unique requirements of Resource Manager. In particular, Resource Manager and Control Center have a different version numbering scheme and different release schedules. Some features of Resource Manager rely on specific capabilities of Control Center, so this guide includes Tested operating environments. A separate series of guides describes how to use Control Center.

Zenoss Service Impact (Service Impact) and Zenoss Analytics (Analytics) are the final components of the Zenoss Service Dynamics product suite.

  • Service Impact correlates the infrastructure Resource Manager is monitoring with critical business services. In practical terms, Service Impact is additional services in a Resource Manager deployment, not a separate application that Control Center manages.
  • Analytics adds data warehouse ETL (extract, transform, and load) capabilities and data analysis capabilities to Resource Manager. Like Service Impact, Analytics adds services to a Resource Manager deployment, but also requires a separate, standalone host that is not managed by Control Center.