ZooKeeper and Control Center

Control Center relies on Apache ZooKeeper to distribute and manage application services. ZooKeeper maintains the definitions of each service and the list of services assigned to each host. The scheduler, which runs on the master host, determines assignments and sends them to the ZooKeeper node that is serving as the ensemble leader. The leader replicates the assignments to the other ensemble nodes, so that the other nodes can assume the role of leader if the leader node fails.

All Control Center hosts retrieve assignments and service definitions from the ZooKeeper ensemble leader and then start services in Docker containers as required. So, the Control Center configuration files of all Control Center hosts must include a definition for the SERVICED_ZK variable, which specifies the ZooKeeper endpoints of the ensemble nodes. Additional variables are required on ensemble nodes.

A ZooKeeper ensemble requires a minimum of three nodes, which is sufficient for most environments. An odd number of nodes is recommended and an even number of nodes is strongly discouraged. A five-node ensemble improves failover protection during maintenance windows but larger ensembles yield no benefits.

The Control Center master host is always an ensemble node. All ensemble nodes should be on the same subnet.