Delegate host storage requirements

Like master hosts, Control Center delegate hosts require high-performance, persistent storage. Storage can be local or remote.
  • For local storage, solid-state disk (SSD) devices are recommended.
  • For remote storage, storage-area network (SAN) systems have been tested. High-performance SAN systems are recommended, as is assigning separate logical unit numbers (LUNs) for each mounted path.
The following storage configuration is recommended for delegate hosts:
  • root filesystem with a minimum of 30GB of storage, formatted with XFS
  • dedicated swap area
  • one or more block devices or partitions, or one or more LVM physical volumes, with a total of 50GB of space. The installation procedures include steps for using serviced-storage to create an LVM thin pool for Docker data.

The following example shows the disk configuration of a Control Center delegate host.

Figure 2. Example delegate host with 4 disks