Fixed issues

Release 6.2.0
ID Description
ZEN-18523 When adding items to a multi-tier organizer with drag-and-drop, the organizer contracts after each addtion.
ZEN-23918 Test process class regular expression fails to load processes from a device on a collector that is not localhost.
ZEN-26549 RabbitMQ invalidation queues are not removed on shutdown in 5.x.
ZEN-27067 The zenbatchdump command does not use zCiscoUCSManagerUser and zCiscoUCSManagerPassword when exporting a /CiscoUCS/UCS-Manager device.
ZEN-27806 ZenPack installs and upgrades display a warning about RelStorage.
ZEN-27996 Scrolling in the Event Console jumps up during rapid scrolls down if there are a very large number of events.
ZEN-28615 Update Report button on Licensing tab does not update licensing details with silent failure.
ZEN-28698 Regular expression does not function in INFRASTRUCTURE filter fields.
ZEN-28772 In multigraph reports, graphs defined with a height of 100 pixels are resized to 500 pixels.
ZEN-28773 Graphs with 30 days or more of data load very slowly.
ZEN-28759 Default Admin dashboard is reset after upgrading.
ZEN-28901 Graphs with predictive thresholds do not update to a new time range.
ZEN-28946 Fix for ZEN-27555 caused an issue with ifIndex value parsing.
ZEN-29001 Users are logged out Resource Manager unexpectedly.
ZEN-29016 In a trap with BASE64 encoded IP address in a varbind, the IP address is not decoded.
ZEN-29026 When adding a Server Linux (SNMP) via Add Multiples Devices page, the device type is displayed incorrectly.
ZEN-29027 Maintenance windows enable/disable toggle button is not working.
ZEN-29028 Bound monitoring templates are missing from device overview page; however, templates are bound to the device, and the data sources are polling for and collecting data points.
ZEN-29053 The /Status/Ping/Lag and /Status/ZEP event classes are not installed.
ZEN-29106 Health check fails for service /Zenoss/User Interface/Zauth for RabbitMQ not answering.
ZEN-29110 Attempting to save an empty value for properties of int type results in the following message: ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10:.
ZEN-29113 ConnectionLost tracebacks occur when running the zenpython command.
ZEN-29115 The DeviceManagementRouter addMaintWindow() method does not validate input and allows incorrect values to be specified for attributes.
ZEN-29127 Insufficient memory results in a traceback instead of a user-friendly message.
ZEN-29147 Users with no global role can view Daemon Process Down.
ZEN-29152 Control Center ZenPack ignores zControlCenterHost on some data sources.
ZEN-29178 Unable to change process class sequence.
ZEN-29184 Searching in the device filter field produces message ModelCatalogError: Exception performing search.
ZEN-29232 The gear icon doesn't work in the expanded view of a multigraph.
ZEN-29233 The position of the sidebar in a multigraph resets when the page is refreshed.
ZEN-29234 Cannot add percent sign to multigraph summary legend numbers.
ZEN-29235 Graphs are unreadable when the browser window is narrow.
ZEN-29237 The datapoint limit feature of multigraphs doesn't work.
ZEN-29238 The graph point line width feature of multigraphs doesn't work.
ZEN-29239 Multigraphs are not affected by the value of the graphpoint definition property Display Full value in footer.
ZEN-29240 The width property of multigraphs doesn't work.
ZEN-29241 The logarithmic scale property of multigraphs doesn't work.
ZEN-29243 The "Has Summary" option of multigraphs doesn't work.
ZEN-29252 Appliance upgrade fails during image import.
ZEN-29259 Control Center ZenPack does not show the instance number for services with multiple instances.
ZEN-29262 When creating a trigger with defined rules that is linked to a notification with defined rules, and adding a notification schedule, notifications are not activated for the associated notification and triggers.
ZEN-29274 Graphs do not correctly calculate averages.
ZEN-29284 SNMP data source test function fails.
ZEN-29288 Service zenmapper start-up health check fails.
ZEN-29289 The datapoint line color option in multigraphs doesn't work.


Missing Projected High Disk threshold for Storage Pools component for EMC VNX.
ZEN-29319 Upgrade process skips storage statistics scripts.
ZEN-29329 Self-monitoring can't detect performance pipeline outages.
ZEN-29333 Upgrades fail because ZenPack dependencies are not properly sorted.
ZEN-29335 Upgrade messages include unnecessary instruction to reindex the catalog.
ZEN-29341 On the INFRASTRUCTURE > Devices page, the details pane does not remain in focus when the device tree is refreshed.
ZEN-29344 The zenqdump utility does not read username and password for RabbitMQ from global.conf.
ZEN-29355 Devices with the same IP address can't be installed when the MultiRealm ZenPack installed.


The --insecure-registry flag is incomplete in appliance installs and upgrades.
ZEN-29385 Clicking the Refresh Tree context menu does not restore the devices tree to the same state.
ZEN-29404 Create health check for MetricConsumer OpenTsdbWriter Hbase error
ZEN-29451 Catalog service upgrade fails if AWS ZenPack is installed.


A site error occurs after navigating to a device with a re-named manufacturer product.
ZEN-29404 No health checks for errors that OpenTSDB and HBase return.
ZEN-29484 Map links in Google Maps do not turn red when the link goes down.
ZEN-29492 ZenPack dependency processing only considers ZenPacks published by Zenoss.


RMMonitor naming convention might allow conflicts on Vue.js viewlet names.
ZEN-29563 Upgrading the Multi-Realm IP Networks ZenPack from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3 fails.
ZEN-29574 Move, rename, and delete options on Manufacturers don't work.
ZEN-29575 The zenhub service restricts its queue length to 65,536 items.
ZEN-29589 SNMP collector creation fails when any event is present in /Status/Snmp.
ZEN-29614 Unable to add device to /Network/Router/Cisco or /Server/Microsoft.
ZEN-29638 Objects are loaded into ZODB prematurely during ZenPack installation or upgrade.
ZEN-29642 Unable to return indexes for a specific object.
ZEN-29673 Context menu does not display records on INFRASTRUCTURE > Manufacturers page.
ZEN-29684 An upgrade migration script might cause problems with the Catalog Service ZenPack.
ZEN-29687 The event processing service consumes too much memory.
ZEN-29746 Filtering the INFRASTRUCTURE page by device class shows incorrect devices after scrolling down a few pages.
ZEN-29750 The default DNSMonitor template uses ${dev/id} instead of ${dev/manageIP} for the DNS server field.
ZEN-29751 A DNS server connection refusal triggers a python error and no event is generated.
ZEN-29794 Page display errors occur in the Microsoft Edge browser.
ZEN-29810 The following zenmodeler traceback occurs when two transactions are simultaneously updating the same data:
TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 4 arguments (3 given)
ZEN-29824 When using the Linux Monitor ZenPack, the Next Hop link fails.
ZEN-29841 Callhome count includes linked guests for VM's on decommissioned vSphere endpoints.