Known issues

Release 6.1.1 known issues
ID Description Status
ZEN-26802 OS model link in Device Detail page points to wrong manufacturer entry Open
ZEN-27499 Error message regarding dropped Events displayed during Resource Manager upgrade. Open
ZEN-28138 objectGUID is not available to be selected in Login Name Attribute combo box in LDAP configuration options. Open
ZEN-28519 Error is displayed when a correct date/time is entered in the Date Range field. Open
ZEN-28716 On Events page, the Show only actionable events check box is not displayed for the ZenOperator role. Open
ZEN-28725 On the Dashboard page, a ZenManager can see a dashboard even though that user is part of a group with a restriction. Open
ZEN-28956 Cisco UCS reports organizer is hidden when using ZenOperator role. Open
ZEN-29100 No data collected for the RM device after an upgrade if the localhost collector is moved off of the master host. For detailed instructions, see Upgrade Considerations. Open
ZEN-29109 Disable Transforms report is not working. Open
ZEN-29120 Error flare messages appear intermittently on the Advanced > Control Center subtab. Open
ZEN-29612 ZenPacks created manually with zenpack --create cause Distribution Not Found messages during a product upgrade. Fixed in 6.1.1
ZEN-29686 Excessive memory usage on the zeneventd service. For more information, see Upgrade Considerations. Fixed in 6.1.2