Fixed issues

Release 6.1.1 fixed issues
ID Description
ZEN-29244 When a predictive threshold was assigned to a graph, then the time range was changed, the graph did not update to the new time range.
ZEN-29337 ZenPack dependencies were not installed in the correct order during an upgrade.
ZEN-29338 After an upgrade, RMMonitor did not contain application data usage.
ZEN-29383 RMMonitor did not trigger an event when it could not collect data.
ZEN-29388 RMMonitor graphs for region servers were blank.
ZEN-29410 Under-allocated memcached caused logouts.
ZEN-29412 OVA image installs had the --insecure-registry option improperly defined in /etc/sysconfig/docker.
ZEN-29434 During an upgrade, an invalid message was issued stating that a catalog rebuild was required.
ZEN-29435 OpenTSDB reader/writer maximum heap size was not set based on the memory commitment in the service definition.
ZEN-29437 Uninstalling some ZenPacks (Nutanix, EMC.base, Microsoft.Windows) caused /status to be deleted from the event list.
ZEN-29440 Values in CPU graphs for RMMonitor were incorrectly labeled as percent.
ZEN-29448 During an upgrade, ZenPack installations took a long time.
ZEN-29458 During an upgrade, migration scripts ran more than once.
ZEN-29462 A refresh of the event tree caused the device details panel to close and the devices tree panel to be displayed.
ZEN-29463 Setting the color value in a data point definition for a multigraph chart does not alter the color of the lines.
ZEN-29464 Multigraph property Has Summary was removed from the browser interface.
ZEN-29465 Multigraph gear icon was removed from expanded view of the browser interface.
ZEN-29466 The upgrade process did not automatically re-install ZenPacks that were built with a “dev” version number.
ZEN-29468 Multigraph property Logarithmic Scale was removed from the browser interface.
ZEN-29472 Multigraph property Width was removed from the browser interface.
ZEN-29473 Multigraph of size 100x500 was displayed at 500x500.
ZEN-29478 Multigraph sidebar position reset after a page refresh.
ZEN-29486 Multigraph graph property Line Width was removed from the browser interface.
ZEN-29487 Multigraph graph property Limit was removed from the browser interface.
ZEN-29488 Dragging-and-dropping devices into a multi-tiered organizational group caused the tree view to close after each addition.
ZEN-29489 Changing the width of the browser window changed the graph to an unreadable size.
ZEN-29494 During an upgrade, ZenPacks without prefix ZenPacks.zenoss were installed in the wrong order.
ZEN-29495 Event classes /Status/Ping/Lag and /Status/ZEP were missing for RMMonitor.
ZEN-29497 During an upgrade, if a traceback or race condition occurs at a certain time, the catalog service failed but the upgrade continued. If the AWS 4.0.0 ZenPack was installed, the upgrade failed.
ZEN-29612 ZenPacks created manually with zenpack --create cause Distribution Not Found messages during a product upgrade.