Fixed issues

Release 6.1.0 fixed issues
ID Description
ZEN-26444 Maintenance windows do not recover from a production state that is below 300.
ZEN-27179 Logged archive/index failures give no indication of how to resolve.
ZEN-27600 Ping data source not respecting cycle time
ZEN-27995 Limit RabbitMQ to one instance. Multiple instances cause service problems.
ZEN-28116 Component group maintenance windows do not work properly.
ZEN-28299 Blank data sources should be treated as invalid or a missed collection.
ZEN-28370 The connection is not re-established during a build tables operation and the operation fails.
ZEN-28597 ZenHUB logging messages contain passwords.
ZEN-28721 MultiRealm ZenPack does not uninstall cleanly.
ZEN-28783 On multi-graph reports, setting type to Stacked Area results in no data available.
ZEN-28787 Graph with long legend is unusable.
ZEN-28793 Control Center health check events do not include the name of the failed health check.
ZEN-28797 Device Overridden Objects page displays zWinRMPassword values.
ZEN-28817 Datapoint alias IDs should not have any trailing whitespaces nor have a length that exceeds 31 characters. Otherwise, a warning will be issued.
ZEN-28949 Files can be uploaded to dmd without authentication using a PUT HTTP call.
ZEN-28965 Control Center device and Thinpool Metadata Usage graph values do not match.
ZEN-28969 Creation of a custom variable should not required a value.
ZEN-28979 Production state portlet does not show the custom state name.
ZEN-29060 Metric publishing can print tracebacks.