New features

This release of Resource Manager provides the following new features.

Events for blocked transforms

When a transform fails a specified number of times in a row, the transform is blocked and the system creates an event. The default number of failures is 10, which is set with the zEventMaxTransformFails configuration property. You can now disable event transform blocking globally or per event class by changing the property value to 0.

Component graph enhancements

In component graphs, you can now choose auto-refresh and specify a date range. The advanced user interface configuration field Number of Graph Columns now controls the number of graph columns shown on the device overview page. The default value is Auto, which means that the number of columns increases as the browser's width increases. Other values for the number of columns are 1, 2, and 3.

Managing user settings

When you use Zenoss as a Service (Zaas), ZenManager and Manager roles can now manage users (Advanced > Users), but do not have access to other advanced settings. Previously, this feature was available for on-premises installations only.

Global control of polling interval

A new configuration property, zCommandCycleInterval, controls the interval at which data is gathered for graphs for all command data sources. The default value is 300 seconds.