Zenoss Toolbox tools

The Zenoss Toolbox tools examine key Resource Manager components for common issues affecting data integrity. Zenoss recommends running the following tools, in order, before upgrading Resource Manager:

  1. The zodbscan tool quickly scans the Zope Object Database (ZODB) to provide a preliminary indication of the health of the database, and to determine whether the database needs to be compressed with zenossdbpack before upgrading. The zodbscan tool might instruct you to run the following tools:
    1. The findposkeyerror tool checks objects and their relationships, and provides options for fixing errors.
    2. The zenrelationscan tool checks only ZenRelations between objects.
  2. The zencatalogscan tool checks ZODB object catalogs, which speed up browser interface access.

The tools are run inside a Zope container, and the log files for each command are found in $ZENHOME/log/toolbox.