Searching the repository

Once you have set up your organization's folder within the repository, you can easily search for your information for quick access. To search the repository, select View > Search Results. The Repository Search Results page displays search results, as well as lists of reports and ad hoc views.

Figure 8. Analytics repository search results

The results page features:

  • Search controls: Find resources by searching for text in their names or descriptions.
  • Filters for refining results: Provides a quick way to find resources based on other criteria, such as type or access time.
  • Search expression and sorting: Interactive status bar that shows search criteria, filters, and sorting criteria.
  • List of resources: Resources in the repository that meet the search criteria. Click or right-click a resource in the list to view it or see available actions.

The Repository Search Results page allows you to refine or enlarge your set of results. Analytics remembers your settings so that your most commonly needed resources remain visible when you return to the page.