Interacting with the list of resources

  • Multiple Types Condensed: When there are more than two types of resources listed, the number of resources of each type is limited to a certain number, by default 5. When there are more resources of that type, there is a link to see all of that type. You can quickly scroll through the condensed results and find the type of resource you want. Click See all to display the results of that type.

  • Single Type Expanded: When there is a single type of resource in the results, either by circumstance, by clicking See all, or because a single-type filter is selected, all resources are listed, with a scroll bar if necessary. If the list of results is still too long, enter or refine the search term, or select additional filters.

Once the resource or resources you want are displayed, you can interact with them in several ways:

  • Click the name of a report or dashboard to run and view it.

  • Right-click the name of a resource to access other operations on the context menu, for example Open in Designer. Items appear on the context menu according to your permissions.

  • Select the resource name or click anywhere in the row to select it. (Control-click anywhere in the rows to select multiple resources.) You can drag-and-drop selected items to move them or press Control while you drag-and-drop items to copy them.

Two icons may appear between a report name and its selection box:

  • + indicates that the report has saved options for is input controls. Click + to list the saved options below the report.

  • The clock icon indicates that the report has been scheduled to run or that it currently is running in the background. Click this icon to view the list of jobs scheduled for the report.