Chapter 1. Introduction

Zenoss Analytics (Analytics) provides an enterprise ETL capability and data analysis capability for Resource Manager instances, enabling improved business intelligence and knowledge management. Fundamentally, Analytics is three distinct and unrelated capabilities:

  • An ETL (extract, transform and load) capability that populates a fully dynamic, data warehousing industry standard, star-schema mySQL-based data warehouse with Resource Manager model, event, and performance data information.
  • Data warehouse capabilities that perform user-configurable and recurring analysis on that data.
  • An embedded BI/Reporting capability (TIBCO™ Jaspersoft Enterprise Edition, Release 6.0.0) that can be used as one way to access data in the warehouse and a showcase of sample ways to do so to provide monitoring and capacity planning insight in a Resource Manager context. For details of how to use the Jaspersoft reporting capabilities, consult the TIBCO™ JasperReports® Server User Guide, Release 6.0.0 which can be found with all the Jaspersoft 6.0.0 documentation.