Preparing to install

Analytics data is stored in a mySQL database. Like any database server, compute speed, memory usage, and disk speed are critical for the Analytics server. The installation is performed on a single server that must have adequate CPU, memory, and disk resources. For Zenoss Resource Manager customers, your Zenoss professional services architect will provide specific sizing for your current needs and that allows for anticipated growth of the data warehouse.

In all scenarios, Zenoss recommends provisioning the Analytics server as a virtual machine (VM) to allow flexible rescaling of CPU and memory resources on an ongoing basis. Provision storage to be extensible also. Best results are achieved when the Analytics server is a stand-alone server that is dedicated to the installation of Analytics.

Other than the operating system (OS) and the external dependencies explicitly listed by this document, run no third-party software on the server. In particular, anti-virus software is known to significantly interfere with the speed of all database systems, and Analytics is no exception. Before starting the installation procedure, audit your OS environment to check for and disable third-party software.