Fixed issues

ID Description
ANA-23 The JSESSIONID cookie does not set the HttpOnly flag for Resource Manager or Analytics.
ANA-27 Performance ETL: Slow device and component key lookups. New configuration option max-key-fetch-batch-size (default 1000) controls the number of keys retrieved at once.
ANA-35 Performance ETL: Performance config does not scale.
ANA-39 Device Availability report is loading only 0 and 100% availability.
ANA-42 Nth Percentile data not aggregating - silent failure
ANA-44 Provide visibility into when Analytics actually begins to extract perf data. Added new batch states CONFIGURING and READY. Removed batch state EXTRACTING_PERF.
ANA-46 Do not extract user passwords.
ANA-51 Analytics server: 5.x PERF extraction was serialized by metric. Now extracts multiple metrics concurrently. The perf_metric_processing_threads setting in the met_table limits the number of concurrent requests made on the Query service.
ANA-56 Performance ETL: Performance config extract overwhelmed zenhub. Now all ETL services are located in their own service folder in Control Center named PEFORMANCE (5.x only). There are no zenperfetl services running in the collector service folders (5.x only). The original PERFORMANCE extractors registered in Analytics need to be manually removed using the script in the ZenossAnalyticsMonitoring ZenPack. The names of the extractors to be removed will have the form of <collector-name>/<#>.
ANA-190 Performance ETL: One of many zenperfetl is slow
ANA-191 Analytics server: Sub-optimal v2 query API usage
ANA-196 Analytics server: Optimize the timestamp formatting in perf data extraction process
ANA-198 Performance ETL: When a device is added, the perf batch is blocked until the config cache is refreshed.
ANA-210 Analytics server: Perf data extraction cannot extract performance data for devices with a very high number of components (tens of thousands). Implemented the following new settings.
  • query_tag_threshold (default 1000). Use wildcard queries unless the number of time series results for a metric exceeds this value. If exceeded, specify the tags for specific time series using multiple queries instead.
  • query_max_tags_per_metric (default 200). When specifying tags to select time series, the number of tags specified in one query shall not exceed this value.
  • query_min_tags_per_metric (default 10). When tags are used to select time series, queries will not be subdivided if the number of tags specified in one query falls below this value.
ANA-212 Optimize the meta_etl clean up query in partition rotation stored procedure.
ZEN-21265 dim_zenoss_instance not updated when config is saved.
ZEN-23396 Limited visibility on batch processings. Have now added structured logging and improved the INFO and DEBUG log output.
ZEN-24465 Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects Analytics aliases for mem_pct produces negative values in Analytics.
ZEN-24475 Two aliases defined for cpu__pct in one template.
ZEN-24573 zenmodeletl chronically slow due to hits to query service every second.
ZEN-24619 Alias management: ZenETL: Remove all ZenPack aliases from aliases.dsv.
ZEN-24664 Need a dimension table representing time for Hourly data queries in Analytics.
ZEN-25841 Alias management: Rewrite process for alias management. Now have new scripts and and a new process.