Known issues

ID Description
ZEN-17531 The Device Availability report is only showing either 0% or 100% availability.
ZEN-18185 The Interface Volume report is not converting numbers to a more readable format.
ZEN-18203 Selecting Gaps in an Analytics Batch Processing report generates an error.
ZEN-18720 Users have administrative privileges in Analytics despite not having the reporting_user role.
ZEN-18734 InstallDate as part of the software component is not available in the dim_software table.
ZEN-19073 Performance batches for collectors with no devices get marked as FAILED.
ZEN-21265 The dim_zenoss_instance.zenoss_instance_fqdn value is not updated when the configuration is saved.
ZEN-21269 A silent failure for perf extraction occurs when using a zproxy virtual host URL for Resource Manager.
ZEN-21548 A four-level domain name for Resource Manager breaks Analytics perf ETL.