Fixed issues

ID Description
ZEN-7993 Not able to tell which monitoring template is attached to what devices/components in Analytics.
ZEN-8712 Create a new way to handle deleted entities.
ZEN-10804 The zenperfetl extracts data for a different time than the extract window had specified.
ZEN-13383 Create a dimension table representing time for raw data queries.
ZEN-14164 Analytics batches do not load in the UI on Resource Manager 4.2.5.
ZEN-14612 Cannot determine whether aggregation is currently running.
ZEN-14616 Add ability to define business hours to include day of week as a qualifier.
ZEN-14626 Business Hours aggregation does not correctly calculate for a start time that is in the middle of an hour.
ZEN-14771 The Nth percentile and projection calculation can create table names that are too long.
ZEN-14789 Performance batches created through the UI stay in a permanent STAGING state.
ZEN-14994 Aggregation fails when the raw table corresponding to meta_metric does not exist.
ZEN-15018 The extract_count and staging_count/load_count for model batches are different.
ZEN-15094 A zenperfetl recovery swamps the host with multiple logical collector installs.
ZEN-15718 The meta_batch.extract_end is set to 0 if max-batches is set to 1 in zenperfetl.conf.
ZEN-15766 The group_filter for the Analytics aggregation configuration does not apply to the entire group hierarchy below the path provided.
ZEN-15791 When the Analytics server gets shut down, any batches in the LOADING state permanently stay in that state.
ZEN-16299 The meta_batch, meta_batch_file and meta_etl tables grow uncontrollably and should be partitioned and purged by the daily purging process.
ZEN-16437 Batch cancellation logic was changed so that they are no longer permanently cancelled.
ZEN-16610 The RotateAndPrunePartitionsTrigger does not log completion, thus there is no way to tell how long it takes.
ZEN-16906 The percentile and projection tables are not pruned.
ZEN-16910 The Nth percentile calculations fail when nth_percentile_config.period is set to 1.
ZEN-16999 The dim_rrd_datapoint does not contain a foreign key to dim_rrd_template. It should contain an rrd_template_key column.
ZEN-17139 Enable zenperfetl to use a MAX rather than an AVERAGE consolidation function for extracting performance data.
ZEN-17542 Add ETL of threshold expression evaluations.
ZEN-17650 Custom event fields that contain a period cause Event ETL load to fail, since periods are not valid characters in names of mysql table fields.
ZEN-17707 The dimension table creation fails for tables with 60 attributes.
ZEN-17830 The mem__pct alias is not correct for /Server/SSH/AIX