Create a subservice member for one Internet connection

Create a service model member for the connection from router 12 to the logical node.
  1. In the Resource Manager browser interface, select SERVICES > Dynamic Services.
  2. In the tree view of organizers, open CRM - Development > Network.
    Unless an organizer is selected, new members are created at the root level. From there, you can drag the new member into the correct organizer.
  3. From the Add menu at the bottom of the tree view, select Add Dynamic Service.
  4. In the Add Dynamic Service dialog box, enter txrt12 - Internet, and then click SUBMIT.
  5. In the Members view, click Add.
  6. In the Add to Service search field, enter fake-txrt12.
    Add to Service dialog
  7. In the left column, select Device, and in the results list, select fake-txrt12-100g-0, and then click ADD.
  8. In the search field, enter
  9. From the search results list, select, and then click ADD > CLOSE.