Organizers and organizing groups

The Resource Manager browser interface provides organizer folders for dynamic services and devices.

On the Resource Manager SERVICES page, organizers are available for grouping dynamic services. The organizers provide valuable context in service events and in Zenoss Analytics reports. The follow example shows Compute, Network, and Storage organizers for the CRM dynamic service.

On the Resource Manager INFRASTRUCTURE page, organizing groups for groups, systems, and locations are available to organize devices into different categories. For example, to efficiently manage devices and use them in Service Impact, you might organize devices into groups based on their organizational group, system type, or physical location. The following example shows organizing groups.

You can add organizing groups to a service model for a dynamic service. As you add and remove devices and other organizing groups on the INFRASTRUCTURE page, the related service models and the impact graph for the organizing group automatically reflect the changes.

Figure 6. Service model with organizing groups Service model with organizing group