Attempting to reconcile

For more information about the zenimpactimport command and options, see zenimpactimport or access the help information:
zenimpactimport -h
  1. In svc_export.graphml.latest.txt or another version of the file, replace UNRECONCILED with an action to specify how the exception should be reconciled.
  2. Change directory to the directory that contains files svc_export.graphml.latest.txt and svc_export.graphmlnnnn.txt.
  3. Initiate the reconcile attempt.
    zenimpactimport -r svc_export.graphml
    The zenimpactimport command attempts to reconcile the originating and target systems, and generates new versions of files svc_export.graphml.latest.txt and svc_export.graphml.nnnn.txt.
  4. Review import results in file svc_export.graphml.latest.txt, and proceed as follows: