Preparing to import

Before you can import, you must copy the export file from your workstation to the target system master host and connect to that master host.

Prerequisite: Generate an export file (see Exporting a service model).
  1. (Resource Manager 5.x only)
    1. Connect to the master host on which the zenimpactstate service is running.
    2. Create a directory for the exported file on the Control Center master host.
      The directory that contains the exported file must be a local directory (not mounted) and must be readable, writable, and executable by all users. The following example create a directory in /tmp:
      mkdir /tmp/impact && chmod 777 /tmp/impact
    3. Change directory to the directory you created.
      For example:
      cd /tmp/impact
    4. Log in to the Control Center master host as a user with serviced CLI privileges.
    5. Copy the exported graphml file from your workstation to the new directory (if on the same host) or use scp to perform a network copy.
      For example:
      scp export_impact_svcname_20161215203455.graphml
    6. Connect to the zenimpactstate container.
      serviced service shell -i zenimpactstate
    7. In the new session, switch user from root to zenoss.
      su - zenoss
    8. Change directory to the pwd directory:
      For example:
      cd /mnt/pwd
  2. (Resource Manager 4.2.x only)
    1. From the originating Service Impact system, copy the exported file to a directory on the Resource Manager master host.
    2. Log in to the Resource Manager master host as zenoss.
Proceed with the initial import.