Targeted graph update

Occasionally, Service Impact receives information about an unknown component or device that is needed for an event. When this occurs, a targeted graph update is performed.

To rapidly update its knowledge of an unknown entity and its impact model, Service Impact targets modeling of only that entity's subgraphs. To allow the modeling workflow to complete, a "placeholder" is immediately created for the unknown entity. Impact graphs are quickly refreshed without delay to event processing.

The targeted graph update allows mission-critical event and service event monitoring and alerting to resume with minimal downtime. During the restore and rebuild of the Neo4j graph database, service event processing resumes quickly, regardless of the size and number of service models.

You can tune targeted graph updates by changing configuration parameters.

Targeted graph update occurs automatically and requires no user intervention. However, in unusual circumstances, Zenoss Support might recommend the following actions:
  • Adjusting configuration parameters to better tune performance.
  • Repairing information by manually rebuilding impact models with missing entities and impact relationships.