Upgrading a co-located deployment

This procedure describes how to upgrade a Service Impact server that is installed on the Resource Manager master host.
  1. Log in to the Resource Manager master host as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
  2. Download the Service Impact server RPM file from delivery.zenoss.com.
    Contact your Zenoss representative for login credentials.
  3. Install the Service Impact server.
    yum --nogpgcheck localinstall zenoss_impact*
    The installation process adds a new user, zenossimpact, and places the Service Impact server software in /opt/zenoss_impact.
  4. Change the value of the JAVA_HOME variable that the Service Impact server uses.
    sed -i 's|JAVA_HOME=.*$|JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/zenoss_impact|' \
  5. Start a shell as the zenossimpact user.
    su - zenossimpact
  6. Configure connection properties between the Service Impact server and Resource Manager.
    1. Change directory to $IMPACT_HOME/etc.
      cd $IMPACT_HOME/etc
      This directory contains the server configuration files.
    2. Create one variable for the fully-qualified domain name of the Resource Manager master host and another for the password of the Resource Manager admin user.
    3. Edit the RabbitMQ properties file.
      EXT=$(date +"%j-%H%M%S")
      sed -i.${EXT} -e '/^#amqphost/ s/#//' \
        -e '/^amqphost/ s/localhost/'$MASTER'/' \
    4. Edit the server properties file.
      EXT=$(date +"%j-%H%M%S")
      sed -i.${EXT} -e '/^#dsa.amqp.uri/ s/#//' \
        -e '/^dsa.amqp.uri/ s/localhost/'$MASTER'/' \
        -e '/^#dsa.zenoss.host/ s/#//' \
        -e '/^dsa.zenoss.host/ s/localhost/'$MASTER'/' \
        -e '/^#dsa.zenoss.password/ s/#//' \
        -e '/^dsa.zenoss.password/ s/=zenoss/='$ADMIN'/' \
        -e '/^#redis.host/ s/#//' \
        -e '/^redis.host/ s/localhost/'$MASTER'/' \