Preparing to install or upgrade Service Impact ZenPacks

This procedure describes how to prepare a master host to install or upgrade Service Impact ZenPacks.
  1. Log in to the Resource Manager master host as zenoss.
  2. Download the ZenPacks.zenoss.Impact and ZenPacks.zenoss.ImpactServer ZenPack files.
    The files are available from, and the file names include version numbers. Select the files with the most recent version numbers from among the files available on the download page.
    Select the following files:
    • ZenPacks.zenoss.Impact-Version-py2.7.egg
    • ZenPacks.zenoss.ImpactServer-Version-py2.7.egg
  3. Use one of the following procedures to stop Resource Manager.
  4. Start the event and catalog servers.
    zeneventserver start && zencatalogservice start