Removing Service Impact

  1. Stop Resource Manager.
    At the end of both procedures, you are logged in to the Resource Manager master host as zenoss.
  2. Start the event server and catalog service daemons.
    zeneventserver start && zencatalogservice start
  3. Remove ZenPacks.zenoss.Impact.
    1. Remove the ZenPack.
      zenpack --remove=ZenPacks.zenoss.Impact
      The zenimpactstate daemon is removed when ZenPacks.zenoss.Impact is removed.
    2. Optional: Remove the zenimpactstate daemon from $ZENHOME/etc/daemons.txt, if necessary.
      test -f $ZENHOME/etc/daemons.txt && \
        sed -ie '/zenimpactstate/ d' $ZENHOME/etc/daemons.txt
  4. Stop the Service Impact server.
    1. Log in to the Service Impact server host as root, or as a user with superuser privileges.
    2. Stop the server.
      service zenoss_impact stop
    3. Log out of the Service Impact server host.
  5. Remove the ZenPacks.zenoss.ImpactServer ZenPack.
    zenpack --remove=ZenPacks.zenoss.ImpactServer
  6. Start Resource Manager.
    zenoss restart
  7. Determine the Service Impact server package name.
    rpm -qa | grep -i impact
  8. Remove the Service Impact server package, and then clean the yum caches.
    rpm -e Package-Name
    yum clean all
    This step removes the server software, but none of the data or configuration files. You may remove those manually.