Considerations and workarounds

Downloading files for this release

To install this release, download the Service Impact files from the site. Use your credentials to log in. If you do not have an account, request one by contacting Zenoss Support.
Installation and upgrade procedures are detailed in the following guides:
  • Zenoss Service Impact Installation and Upgrade Guide for Resource Manager 5.x and 6.x
  • Zenoss Service Impact Installation and Upgrade Guide for Resource Manager 4.2

The following table identifies the files to download for each supported installation or upgrade scenario.

Required files
Resource Manager Required files
5.2.x and later, 6.x ZenPacks.zenoss.ImpactServer-
5.0.x ZenPacks.zenoss.ImpactServer-
4.2.5 with RPS 671 ZenPacks.zenoss.ImpactServer-

Reidentifying devices

Resource Manager provides the ability to reidentify devices. The reidentification process deletes and re-adds the device with a new ID and GUID. When the GUID is changed, the device is removed from that particular Service Impact service. If you reidentify a device, you must manually re-add the device to the service model.

Impact graph update best practices

Graph updates and maintenance window operations use the same target graph database. Concurrent access of shared data increases time required to complete the operations, risk of transaction rollbacks and deadlocks, and risk of inconsistent state updates to the graph database. For best performance when updating an impact graph,
  • Do not manually rebuild an impact graph during a time that overlaps a maintenance window or another graph update operation.
  • Do not import dynamic service models while a graph update operation is in progress.

For more information about manually rebuilding a graph, refer to the Zenoss Service Impact User Guide.

Upgrade considerations

When you initially upgrade from Service Impact 5.2.3 to 5.3.1, the new version of the product removes accumulated event history that is no longer needed. A temporary performance slowdown might occur while nodes are read.


After Service Impact is installed, Service Impact and Resource Manager are interdependent. However, Resource Manager issues affect Service Impact more frequently than Service Impact issues affect Resource Manager. For this reason, the list of known issues for a given Service Impact release might include items that manifest in Service Impact but are not caused by Service Impact software. Such items are noted in the list of known issues.

In Resource Manager 4.2.4, JMX monitoring of Service Impact is disabled. In Resource Manager 5.x, JMX monitoring of Service Impact is available in Control Center. (ZEN-22353)