Fixed issues

Version 5.3.0
ID Description
IMP-39 GraphML file that was exported from an older version of Service Impact cannot be imported into latest version.
IMP-284 Implicit bug in setting event state during propagation process.
IMP-285 Improve performance and responsiveness under high workload environments.
IMP-290 Do batching of production state updates in Service Impact server.
IMP-307 In a large database, cannot remove nonexistent nodes because requests time out.
IMP-309 Impact state propagation takes too long on devices with thousands of components.
IMP-316 Multithreaded implementation of related event processing.
IMP-320 Unable to delete top level logical node organizer when it contains children.
IMP-321 A state node accumulates best state events.
IMP-322 Import of a GraphML file associates incorrect devices to components.
IMP-323 Need to repair Neo4j objects with large number of non-relevant events.
IMP-349 Refactor handling Neo4j resources in multi-threaded environment.
IMP-351 When updating a graph, errors occurr for some ZenPack objects.
IMP-357 State propagation process takes an unacceptable amount of time on devices with thousands of components.
IMP-369 graphreset (update) does not prune orphaned nodes.