Editing user accounts

To access and edit user account information:
  1. In the Users list, click the name of the user you want to edit. The edit user page appears. The following example shows the admin user.
    Figure 91. Edit user images/Edit_User.png
  2. Make changes to one or more settings:
    • Reset Password - Facilitates user self-service by allowing a user to reset his or her own password. Click to reset and email the new password to the email address associated with the user's account.
    • User Preferences - Resets all preferences such as grid columns and filters to their default values.
    • Roles - Assign one or more roles (user privileges) to the user. To edit or assign roles, you must be a system Admin or be assigned the Manager role. For more information about user roles, and for a list of available roles and the privileges they provide, see Roles.
    • Groups - Specify one or more groups to which this user belongs.
    • Email - Enter the user's email address. To verify that the address is valid, click the test link.
    • Pager - Enter the user's pager number.
    • Default Page Size - Controls how many entries (by default) appear in tables. Enter a value for the default page size. The default value is 40.
    • Default Admin Role - Select the default role that this user will have for administered objects associated with him or her.
    • Network Map Start Object - Specify the default view for this user in the network map.
    • Time Zone - Specify the time zone to be displayed on all charts and graphs within the product.
    • Date format - Select the date format to use on all charts and graphs within the product. The default format is year/month/day.
    • Time format - Select the time format. Options include 24-hour time (HH:mm:ss) or 12-hour time using a.m. and p.m. (hh:mm:ss a).
    • Set New Password / Confirm New Password - Enter a new password for the user and confirm the entry.
  3. Enter your password, and then click Save Settings to confirm and save the changes for the user.