Extending monitoring with ZenPacks

Data centers typically contain many different types of hardware, software, and cloud services from a long list vendors. To keep your company's data secure, all devices, network infrastructure, and services must be monitored.

Zenoss Core is ready to monitor a large number of common devices and network infrastructure as soon it is installed. However, you can monitor an even larger number of devices in Zenoss Core through the use of ZenPacks. A ZenPack is a plug-in that extends not only monitoring capabilities, but also adds new capabilities to the Zenoss Core itself. This can be as simple as adding new device classes or monitoring templates, or as complex as extending the data model and providing new collection daemons.

There are hundreds of ZenPacks available, some developed, supported, and maintained by Zenoss, and many others that are developed and maintained by the Zenoss user community.

You can use ZenPacks to add:

  • Monitoring templates
  • Data sources
  • Graphs
  • Event classes
  • User commands
  • Reports
  • Model extensions
  • Product definitions

Simple ZenPacks can be created completely within the Zenoss Core. More complex ZenPacks require development of scripts or daemons, using Python or another programming language. ZenPacks can also be distributed for installation on other Zenoss Core systems. For information on how to create a new ZenPack, refer to Zenoss Core Administration Guide.