Default server passwords

Zenoss Core adds global configuration parameters to the run-time environments (Docker containers) of every service. The parameters include the default passwords of a MariaDB database server and a RabbitMQ server. The default passwords are the same in all Zenoss Core distributions. To avoid security issues, Zenoss recommends changing the default passwords of the preceding servers.

The following list associates the affected servers, their Zenoss Core services, and their account information.

MariaDB server for event and model databases
Administrator account:global.conf.zep-admin-user
Administrator password:global.conf.zep-admin-password
Event database user account:global.conf.zep-user
Event database user password:global.conf.zep-password
Administrator account:global.conf.zodb-admin-user
Administrator password:global.conf.zodb-admin-password
Model database user account:global.conf.zodb-user
Model database user password:global.conf.zodb-password
RabbitMQ server
Service: RabbitMQ
User account: global.conf.amqpuser
User password: global.conf.amqppassword