Recommended host configurations

Zenoss recommends that all production deployments include a minimum of three hosts, in two resource pools:
  • One resource pool containing the Control Center master host.
  • One resource pool containing two hosts, for Zenoss Core services.

The following table provides additional information about the resources required for hosts in the types of Control Center resource pools that a typical Zenoss Core deployment uses. For more information about pool types, see Key concepts. For more information about Control Center host requirements, refer to the Control Center Planning Guide.

Resource pool type Host requirements
Count Resources Comments
Master pool 1 4 CPU cores

16GB main memory

The amount of storage required for application data varies greatly.
Zenoss Core pool 2+n 4 CPU cores

16GB main memory

More than two hosts is preferred, to support failover.
For a single-host deployment, Zenoss recommends a host with the following resources:
  • 4 CPU cores
  • 24GB main memory